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The Ionian Islands

With their cooler climate, abundant olive and cypress trees, and forested mountains, the Ionians are a lighter, greener variation on the Greek template. Venetian, French and British occupiers have all helped to shape the islands’ architecture, culture and (excellent) cuisine, and contributed to the unique feel of Ionian life.   Though the islands form a […]

Visit Lefkada

Despite being connected to the mainland by a narrow causeway, making it one of the few Greek islands that you can drive to, much of Lefkada remains surprisingly unaffected by tourism.   Laid-back Lefkada Town is a charming place to spend a day or two, while the soaring mountains of the interior still conceal timeless […]

10 Tips For Sailing Beginners

Just starting out in sailing? Here are a few sailing basics which should help you in the early days.   Get to grips with basic sailing terms Before you hit the water, make sure you’ve read up on some of the basic sailing terms you’ll need. Being familiar with these terms will enable an instructor […]

Basic Sailing Terms

Basic Sailing Terms Sailing has so many terms that it’s likely that only the saltiest of sea dogs would know them all, but knowing these ones will be a great start. Aft – toward the stern, or back, of the boat. Boom – the horizontal pole which extends from the bottom of the mast. Adjusting the boom […]